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Streamlining Grant Management at SMU: A Milestone Achieved

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In 2023, a significant transformation took place on campus with the implementation of the Grants Module, marking a crucial milestone in the enhancement of our PeopleSoft modules within my.SMU. This strategic move was undertaken to revolutionize the administration of sponsored grant funds to ensure the sustainability of our grant management procedures.

Before the implementation of the Grants Module, like many older systems on campus, it was largely managed with a manual process that was not only time-consuming but could be prone to data issues. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and reliable system, the project aimed to automate key functions related to post-award processing of sponsored grants.

The project unfolded in multiple phases, with phase one primarily focusing on the configuration of grants. This laid the groundwork for subsequent phases, setting the stage for a comprehensive overhaul of our grant management processes. The second phase delved into Billing and Accounts Receivable, encompassing the billing of the grants system, utilization of accounts receivables, and the introduction of reporting mechanisms, such as the Accounts Receivable Aging Reporting.

Currently, the project team has transitioned into the next phase, to implement the Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) tracking/reporting grants portal. This forward-looking initiative is scheduled to go live in the first quarter of 2024.

The Grants Module implementation paves the way for a more streamlined and transparent approach to managing sponsored grants. By automating key functions and introducing robust reporting mechanisms, we are not just modernizing our processes but also ensuring a more sustainable and error-free grant management system.

This accomplishment stands as a testament to SMU’s commitment to innovation and excellence in administrative processes. With the launch of the PI’s tracking/reporting Grants Portal, we anticipate a transformative impact on our ability to manage and report on sponsored grants efficiently. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to evolve and enhance our grant management capabilities at SMU.

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Laurene Klassen

Laurene is the Director of SMU’s IT Training & Communications Team. She enjoys reading, writing, and outdoor activities with her family in her spare time.