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New Device Management Platform Comes to Macs This Fall

Jamf logoOIT will soon be introducing Jamf as our new management platform for Mac devices. This new platform will replace Ivanti (formerly LANDesk) as the method to install software on your Mac and for OIT to ensure Macs are kept up-to-date and secure. In the next few weeks, we will begin transitioning devices to Jamf. Some action will be required on your part, so here’s a summary of what to expect when your device is moved over.

Moving Day!

As we normally do for major transitions such as this, we will inform you well in advance before your device(s) are migrated.

When your computer is moved to our Jamf servers, you will receive a migration window like this:

An example of the Jamf migration window.

You’ll also be prompted to install a new MDM profile. The migration window will show you how!

The MDM profile installation window in the Jamf migration tool.

The migration window will then complete the process and inform you when it’s done. The tool will also provide you with additional information about logging into your device.

What Changes Once I’m Migrated?

  1. After your first sign in to a macOS device with your SMU ID number, your account will become what is known as a ‘local’ account. What this means for you:
    1. The password you used to sign in with will become your macOS password.
    2. Your macOS password will not automatically update with SMU account password changes.
    3. Updates to your macOS password will not impact your SMU account.
    4. You will not be locked out of your macOS account if your SMU account is unavailable.
    5. Keep your macOS password secure, private, and in a safe place just like your SMU password.
    6. If you forget your macOS password, you will need to contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance.
  2. Applications from SMU can be installed via the Self Service application. This application replaces the former application installer known as Portal Manager.
    1. Self Service can be launched by clicking the SMU logo on your macOS menu bar on the top-right corner of your screen.
    2. You must sign in to Self Service by providing your official SMU email address then providing your SMU credentials.
    3. You can save your login so that Self Service will remember you.
    4. Any application requests completed by OIT will be sent to Self Service for installation.
    5. If you need assistance with Self Service please contact the OIT Help Desk.
  3. Following the migration, Cylance Protect and Cylance Optics will be removed and replaced by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

  1. A tool to alert you when a critical security update is available for your macOS Device will prompt you when updates are available. How does it work?
    1. When it’s time to install a macOS Security update, a prompt that looks like the image below will appear on the screen.
      1. The notification will display the new required macOS version, your current macOS version, and the remaining days until the update deadline
      2. Click the “Open Software Update” button to begin the update
      3. If it’s not a convenient time, you can defer the update, but please know that as the installation date nears, Nudge will nudge more often with reminders.  Once the deadline has been reached, Nudge will no longer allow deferrals.

An example of Jamf's security update prompt.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about this migration process, please let us know and we will be happy to provide any guidance you need! We hope this new platform will drastically improve your Mac experience.

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