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Summer Classroom Upgrades To Add Interactivity and Sharing

Classroom ControlsPlanning activities are well underway for the various classrooms that will receive technology upgrades and changes during the new fiscal year. Most projects will be completed during the summer months.  There were three critical requests from the Academic Technology Council that influenced the project selection this year.

First, the ATC expressed a desire to have interactive monitors as a standard component in the shared classroom spaces.  This allows faculty to annotate and easily use a digital whiteboard from the podium.  To support the larger interactive monitor, new lecterns have been ordered to replace many of the much older smaller ones.

SolsticeSecondly, the ATC requested that the wireless screen-sharing device should also be a standard component in shared classrooms.  We evaluated various screen-sharing devices to find a solution that provided the right functionality at a better price point.  We will be installing a new device in many classrooms that will easily support AirPlay and MiraCast wireless connections.

Finally, to support the Lyle Distance Education program, we will upgrade several rooms to the new advanced flexible technology design that has been piloted in Caruth 147 and Prothro 205.

The list of current rooms, a brief summary of the planned work, and the schedule of activities are posted on the OIT Classroom Project site. We will update this page throughout the summer as each project is completed. Due to supply chain issues, the schedule is subject to change if the equipment is not received in a timely manner.

Additionally, work is scheduled to upgrade four key event spaces on campus, including the Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom in ULEE, The Great Hall in Prothro, O’Donnell Auditorium in OFAC, and the Palmer Conferencing Center in Lyle.  The schedule for these spaces is also captured on the project site linked above.

As always, we will test each classroom prior to the Fall term to ensure all technology is working properly. We will update the training guides, website documentation, and videos to include the latest information on the Classroom Technology support site.

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Rachel Mulry

Associate CIO for Planning and Customer Service Office of Information Technology