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SMU Infrastructure Improvements Continue

SMU Wireless LogoIn mid-December, the OIT infrastructure team worked to add additional wireless access points in Dallas Hall. Their efforts aid SMU in providing better wireless performance for high-density areas. The building previously had 28 wireless access points and now contains over 60. These technical improvements also enhanced Wi-Fi connections in larger classrooms.

The Jerry Junkins building also received maintenance at the beginning of January when the team replaced 10-year-old Hewlett-Packard routing and switching equipment with new Cisco equipment that brings 100G connectivity into the building and enables future Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. 25G connectivity was obtained between each Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF, also known and labeled as telecom rooms within buildings) by installing a new single-mode fiber in each room, which increases performance for the building’s infrastructure itself and end-user devices.

Plans are now underway to upgrade buildings throughout campus. The Embrey building is tentatively scheduled for February 4th, followed by work in Caruth Hall. Though not scheduled yet, Prothro and Bridwell will receive the same wireless upgrades performed in Dallas Hall.

Below is a list of buildings we plan to upgrade in 2023.

Wireless Building Upgrades Wired Building Upgrades
Carr Collins Annette Caldwell Simmons
Embry Blanton
Blanton Caruth Hall
Boaz Collins Executive Center
Bridwell Dawson Service Center
2701 Fondren J. Lindsay Embrey
Caruth Greer Garson Theatre
Cockrell-McIntosh Hamon Arts Library
Harold Clark Simmons Hyer Hall
Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports & Band Hall McFarlin Auditorium
Fondren Sciences Owens Fine Arts Center
Dedman Life Sciences Umphrey Lee
Mary Hay
Memorial Health Center
Owens Fine Arts Center
Perkins Administration
Peyton Hall
Prothro Hall
Storey Hall
Styslinger / Altec Tennis Complex
Umphrey Lee

For an SMU interactive map with current Wi-Fi hotspots, please visit!ce/55241?s/?ct/57924,58083.

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Laurene Klassen grew up in New England but came to Texas as fast as she could. SMU was one of the first spots she visited in Dallas. Laurene is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Assistant Director of SMU’s IT Training & Communications Team. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and outdoor activities with her family.