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Duo Mobile Ends Support for Android 8/9 and iOS 13

DuoOver the past several years, we have begun to rely heavily on Duo Security for our Two-Factor Authentication. With the ending of support for SMS and Phone Callback verification this year, the Duo Mobile app has become our preferred method of authenticating with our services. Because of that, changes to the app impact us all, and we want you to be aware that effective February 9, 2023, Duo Mobile will no longer support Android 8, Android 9, and iOS 13. Due to this change, we highly recommend the SMU community upgrades their devices’ operating systems by February 1, 2023.

Why the change?

Both Apple and Google release new operating systems yearly, and the older OSs on devices are depreciated and stop receiving essential updates. By focusing on newer operating systems, Duo engineering teams continue to build helpful and secure features. By upgrading to the latest iOS or Android versions, users receive these benefits, plus the advanced security features built-in to the OS.

How will this impact me?

Mobile devices using Android 8 or 9 or iOS 13 will no longer receive Duo Mobile maintenance fixes or security updates. If you have an iPhone 5 or Galaxy Note 8, you will be impacted as you will not be able to download the latest version of Duo Mobile on mobile devices running on Android 8 or 9 or iOS 13, but Duo Push and Duo Mobile-generated passcodes will continue to work on already-installed versions of Duo Mobile and users will continue to be able to authenticate.

Duo Mobile will continue to be fully supported on iOS 14 or Android 10 or newer. So, if you have an iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 9, or Google Pixel, you will just need to download a more recent version of your device’s operating system to download any new version of Duo Mobile released after February 9, 2023.

If you have a device that does not support push notifications from Duo, please contact the IT Help Desk about obtaining a YubiKey hardware token for use with Duo for authentication, but as of right now, if you have Duo installed and working on your device, it will continue to work with the service.


As always, if you have any questions about this change or need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk or visit the Duo service page at smu.edu/duo for more information.

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