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Modern Authentication and You

login screenshotAs we continue to improve information security measures on campus, we will be implementing more modern authentication methods to our Microsoft services to increase security and improve your login experience on December 19, 2022. This new form of authentication will also minimize the frequency of entering your password, along with helping to prevent those irritating account lockouts that may occur when updating your SMU password. The actions you’ll need to take are minimal, but we’d like to make you aware of them.

Login Prompts for Email, Skype, and Other Microsoft Services

After the new modern authentication method is enabled for SMU accounts, you will likely be prompted to log into your email client and Skype for Business using the new method. Just follow the prompts, and you’ll be all set! Your login screen will look a little different, with “Azure Active Directory” appearing as the service name. You may also be prompted for Duo authentication as an additional security measure.

An example of the new single sign-on window.

After December 19th, if you need to set up your email account on a new device, updated (and also simplified!) instructions will be available to you on our Faculty/Staff Email Configuration page. Updated Skype for Business instructions will also be available.

Your AudioCodes Telephone

While your AudioCodes desktop telephone (if you use one) will still function without interruption after modern authentication is enabled, you are strongly encouraged to sign out of your phone and sign back in with the new method before the Holiday Break. This will provide improved reliability and security. The instructions on doing so are available after December 19th at


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Zach Peterson

Zach is a Senior IT Training & Communications Consultant with OIT. Zach began his SMU career at the IT Help Desk in 2012 and joined the Training & Communications Team in 2015. He is a 2011 graduate from the University of North Texas and obtained a Master of Liberal Studies degree from SMU in 2018. He enjoys reading and collecting vintage and antique radio sets. He grew up in Valley View, Texas near Denton.