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Canvas Corner: October 2022 Edition

Canvas CornerIn Canvas Corner, we discuss the new features and enhancements available in Canvas. All updates will be available in Canvas the 3rd weekend of the month. 

Canvas Courses

Icon Maker

Instructors can upload and crop custom images and course images in the Rich Content Editor Icon Maker.

A screenshot of the new upload feature in the Canvas Icon Maker.

To customize an image, instructors can use the drop-down menu to select an image and crop the image into a shape [1], rotate the image [2], flip the image [3], zoom the image [4] and reset the image [5].

A screenshot of the crop image feature in the Canvas Icon Maker.Canvas Pages

When the Schedule Page Publication feature option is enabled (10-17-22), instructors can delay pages for publication on a specific date and time.
This update allows instructors to prepare and schedule pages in advance to automatically publish in a course.A screenshot of the publication date/time selection tool in a Canvas page.
In Modules and Pages, instructors can view when a page is scheduled to publish.

An example of a Canvas page scheduled for publication at a later date/time.

Canvas Conferences

When using BigBlueButton, users can enable a waiting room in Conferences Settings. Additionally, in Conferences, users can add conferences to the calendar and update or sync attendees. This update gives users the ability to manage when participants join the conference. Adding a conference to the calendar when creating a new conference with BigBlueButton allows users to invite attendees to the calendar event simultaneously. Additionally, the ability to sync attendees as they are added or removed allows users to quickly and easily update the attendees.

A screenshot of the new waiting room option in BigBLueButton.

When creating a new conference, click the checkbox to Enable waiting room.

Invitation Options in BigBlueButton


Instructors can update the Invitation Options and permissions for attendees.A screenshot of the new date and time calendar feature in BigBlueButton.

To add a conference to a calendar, click the checkbox to Add to Calendar [1], enter a Start Date [2], Start Time [3], End Date [4], End Time [5], and click Create [6]. When adding a conference to the calendar, a tooltip displays indicating all course members must be invited to calendar events.

A screenshot of the new attendee permissions options in BigBlueButton.

When attendees are removed or added to a course, instructors can sync the attendees with new conferences.The Save Attendees feature.

Canvas Community – Feature Requests

In this section you can submit new ideas to improve Canvas.
Below there are some ideas open for voting:

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