Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

SMU Cellular Devices: Migration from Sprint to T-Mobile

If you have an SMU-provided Sprint cellular device (iPad, phone, or mobile hotspot), please read this information carefully!

Cell phone on the Sprint network.Sprint and T-Mobile have merged companies. As a result, all Sprint subscribers are being transitioned from Sprint to T-Mobile. As a part of the transition process, a new T-Mobile SIM card will need to be inserted into your phone during the week of January 10, 2022.

During the week of January 10, we will need to install a SIM card in the device on a specific date.

  • You must register for an appointment time at smu.edu/tmobile.
  • Your registration will also notify the T-Mobile team to facilitate the account porting process that same evening. You will not have cellular service during the porting process which takes approximately two hours. We have requested the porting time frame to occur between 1am-3am the morning after your appointment. Failure to show up for your appointment at the designated time and date will impact your service until we can install the SIM card on your device.
  • Any texts sent during the porting process should appear once the service is restored.
  • Your device will continue to use Sprint cellular towers, while also being able to more readily communicate with T-Mobile cellular towers. Additionally, this will allow your device to use the 5G service if the device supports it.

There are several devices that must be upgraded in order to continue working. If you have one of these impacted devices, you will receive a separate notification. Any devices that were being paid on a payment plan or lease will also have to close out all financial charges from Sprint prior to the migration. We will contact you if you are impacted by this financial close-out portion as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Bull at jbull@smu.edu.

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Rachel Mulry

Associate CIO for Planning and Customer Service Office of Information Technology