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Stress—we all have it—and the pandemic has not done anything to help, but it’s what we do with it that will determine if it becomes fuel or foe. Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month? It is the perfect month for it, as spring has begun and nature is rejuvenating; there’s no better time to take a moment to check in with yourself.  By now, you are aware that LinkedIn Learning (LiL) has thousands of videos to help with your professional development. Well, they also have videos and courses to help with your personal development. In honor of National Stress Awareness month, let us raise your awareness of these options available.

Just have a few minutes?

Check out a quick video with some quick tips to Reduce Stress from LiL’s Happiness Tips course, or get your Stress in check with tips that focus on Mindfulness. Each of these videos is less than six and a half minutes, so you can get that little motivation in just minutes.

Ready to make a bigger investment?

Globally recognized stress and resilience expert Dr. Heidi Hanna will show you in Managing Stress for Positive Change how to train yourself to use stress in more effective ways. Plus, ways to reduce employee stress when an organization experiences difficult times.

Need something a little shorter? In the 20-minute Managing Stress course, author and retired MBA professor Dr. Todd Dewett shares his tips for managing stress by identifying triggers, managing responses, and making positive choices.

Feeling a little burnt out?

Have you been burning the candles at both ends? If you’re watching for signs that your stress is getting to be too much, the Avoiding Burnout course can help. Dr. Todd Dewett returns to help you recognize some of the most common causes of burnout – long hours, tight deadlines, and no vacation or break – and provides tips for jump-starting your recovery.

Need to recharge from the chaos of life?

Check out Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post and Thrive Global, for her tips in Learning How to Unplug and Recharge or Setting Priorities and Letting Go. In this Thrive course series, Arianna Huffington shares ways to unplug and recharge.

Want to make work and life come together more seamlessly?

Check out Finding Work-Life Fit. Best-selling author and founder of Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc., Cali Williams Yost, shares the principles of work-life fit in this short course. She provides examples for building performance and well-being in every area of your life with small “tweaks” and a step-by-step process for making even bigger, more formal changes to your life.

Going through a major change or loss?

The year has been brutal for many. Do you need some help with resilience? You might find Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Wharton psychologist Adam Grant’s Option B: Building Resilience a good option. This course highlights how to talk to others who are hurting—even when you’re not sure what to say— plus suggestions for fighting that feeling that the hurt is permanent, and find ways to give yourself permission to experience happiness… again.

Struggling to balance it all?

Author and business coach Dave Crenshaw’s Balancing Work and Life might be for you. In this course, he explores strategies to make work a focus while at work, whether virtual or in-person, and to give yourself time to enjoy your time at home. In less than 30-minutes, Dave Crenshaw will help you find that balance in work, life, and school and how you can have what you want out of life.

We’re here to help and hope you can take control of your stress today! What’s one thing you’re going to do for yourself this month?

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