Adobe MAX: Seeing the Future of Adobe Products

MAX 2020 LogoLast week, Adobe presented its annual Adobe MAX conference. Of course, with this year being unlike any other, MAX was delivered entirely online for the very first time. The live announcements and sneak peeks of new and upcoming features along with the breakout sessions and workshops made for a fun and informative three days!

Adobe Sensei AI Broadens Its Horizons

There were many examples of the continued innovations made by Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Sensei. Sensei allows applications across Adobe’s portfolio to take much of the tedium out of more complex tasks and procedures.

Neural Filters

Filters in Photoshop are nothing new, but what if a filter could alter not just color tones and textures, but actually transform poses, eye gaze, age, even hair thickness with just moving a slider? That’s exactly what Adobe’s Neural Filters do. While still in an experimental stage (and still in need of work!) Neural Filters are available in the latest version of Photoshop accessible from the Creative Cloud app. Not only can you transform faces, but you can also apply artistic styles from other images to yours with very little effort. Check out this video from last week for examples!

Sharp Shots

Another example of the power of Sensei was shown in one of the “Sneaks” Adobe presented for an easy way to sharpen images and drastically reduce camera shake when using a smartphone camera. This tool is called Sharp Shots and is still currently in early stages of development. As with all Adobe Sneaks, you may see this feature in the very next version of your Adobe software, many years from now, or not at all! However, I’m thinking we will be seeing this one come to fruition.

Make Any Font Your Own

Have you ever wanted to make your own typeface? With this Adobe Sneak, that could be very possible in the future! With a Typographic Brush, you can simply draw a few letters on your tablet, and an entire set of glyphs can be created with the help of Sensei’s AI and machine learning. It’s really cool to watch!

Breakout Sessions Still Available On-Demand!

Most of the breakout how-to and panel sessions are still available from Adobe for the year. Access them at the MAX website and check out all of the ways Adobe software can help you unleash your creativity in easier ways than ever before!

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