Zoom Space

Zoom Spaces Provide Physical Space for Virtual Meetings

In order to provide quiet spaces for students to study or attend an online class while on campus, a number of rooms have been set aside as Zoom Spaces. Students can make a reservation up to two weeks in advance at smu.edu/zoomspaces.  A limit of 3 contiguous reservations and no more than 6 hours per day is enforced to ensure students have access to spaces for class. Several spaces are identified for particular groups of students (Graduate students, Residential Commons affiliation, etc).  These locations are restricted via card access.  Please adhere to those rules.

In addition to the rooms on smu.edu/zoomspaces, there are a number of rooms available in the library for reservations.  Visit https://libcal.smu.edu/reserve/ to book these spaces.

As you use each space, please be mindful of the following:

  1. You are required to provide your own technology, including computer, webcam, headphones, and power cables.  Several spaces have built-in technology.  If you decide to use the built-in technology, please respect the equipment, review the “how to” guides on our website, and do not unplug any of the gear. Emergency onsite support will not be available for study/zoom spaces.
  2. Please clean up after yourself, including all trash, equipment, personal effects, etc.  We kindly ask you to wipe down the desks and chairs before you leave to help provide a safe space for everyone.
  3.  Adhere to the start and end times of all reservations.
  4. Social distance capacity numbers are posted on the spaces and clearly marked on the furniture in many locations.  Please adhere to these capacity limits for your own safety.

There are also a number of spaces across campus that are great zoom spaces but not integrated with our reservation system.  Several outdoor locations such as the Caruth amphitheater or Residential Commons grounds are equipped with wifi.  There are also plenty of areas in the various libraries and buildings that you may find suitable.

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Published by

Rachel Mulry

Director of Customer Service- Office of Information Technology