Beyond Canvas’ Quiz Tool – Many Options for Online Quizzes, Tests & Final Exams

While the work of transitioning course content for fully online and SMUFlex instruction is new for many faculty, the work to transition all exams, tests, and quizzes online is an entirely new experience as well.  During the spring emergency move to remote instruction, the challenge to rapidly develop understanding and mastery of online testing options generated no small measure of confusion and frustration.  Many faculty asked questions such as “Do I have to use Canvas’ Quiz tool?”  “Do I have to use Respondus LockDown Browser?” “What other options do I have?” “What do I do if my student needs extra time on a test?” Fortunately, there are many, many well-established online testing, quizzing, and exam options—though this is the first time many of the SMU community will need to leverage them.

Testing & Assessment ResourcesTo help provide faculty with more information and resources about online testing options, OIT, with input from the CTE, has created a new Online Testing Resources page on the SMU Keep Teaching website.  This resource site offers guides for various types of online testing, tips for promoting academic integrity, and helpful guides for how to implement.  This site also provides critical information and advice about promoting and designing for mitigating academic integrity concerns as you manage your online testing scenarios.  Since all of the fall exams, tests and quizzes must be delivered entirely online, be sure to include all of your online testing and grading expectations in your course syllabus.  SMU encouraged all faculty to include practice exams to make sure that you and all of your students are prepared and know what to expect—especially if complex technologies (like Respondus Monitor) are employed.  Your students will likely face technical issues on occasion, and those situations will require patience and understanding.  Visit the Online Testing & Exam FAQ site if you need help modifying your exams or assistance with navigating online testing technologies.

The Center for Teaching Excellence or your Academic Technology Services partners is happy to help!

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Jason Warner

Associate CIO, Academic Technology Services