Remote Teaching & Working

Paper Forms Go Digital with DocuSign

Docusign logoThe current COVID-19 situation has us all exploring how to perform our regular duties and services online. As you consider your business processes, remember that any paper forms that you rely on can potentially be moved to DocuSign. DocuSign is a secure, online platform for routing documents and obtaining authenticated online signatures. Many SMU departments are already relying on DocuSign to perform actions like:

    • Obtaining consent and other sensitive information securely
    • Submitting service requests
    • Applying for program extensions
    • Confirming academic requirements
    • Declaring major preferences
    • Validating authorizations
    • Selecting alternative grading options

The biggest challenge to converting paper-based forms to online ones is identifying the unwritten assumptions surrounding existing processes. This might include diagramming potential flow scenarios, determining website text and links that must be updated, and training participants on how to respond to their individual tasks within the overall process. OIT consultants can help your department successfully manage this transition. To get things started, simply submit a Help Desk ticket. Remember, the technical tasks are fairly straightforward, but the human element needs to be analyzed carefully. Please allow enough lead time so that we can together create what you need before you publish your new service.

For more information about DocuSign or using the document management platform, please visit

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