Job Hunting for College Grads

Discover Job Search Success with LinkedIn Learning

The job search for a soon-to-be college graduate can be a daunting task. It isn’t easy navigating the sea of applications, networking events, and personal branding that comes with seeking employment. To learn how to succeed in these activities, as well as develop a personal job search strategy, students can watch a short video course, Job Hunting for College Grads or others like it found on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn LearningLinkedIn Learning is a free online learning platform provided by the Office of Information Technology at SMU. The platform has thousands of short, educational videos taught by experts from all types of fields. Students can develop new skills, see what individuals similar to them are learning, and share their learning achievements with others on their connected LinkedIn Accounts.

As seen in the course, Job Hunting for College Grads, social media presence such as LinkedIn activity is extremely important for getting hired. The course also teaches students how to combine their skills and assets with their values, passions, and personality to be selected for a job that suits them best. Linda Citroën, an expert in personal branding and course instructor, emphasizes the importance of distinguishing yourself from other applicants, “Now for the very first time, you’re faced with creating a presence that will get employers to want to hire you.” Utilizing resources such as LinkedIn Learning to build your skillset and learn new techniques is the perfect place to start!

For more information regarding LinkedIn Learning or how to set up an account, visit the OIT’s LinkedIn Learning webpage.

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