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Office 2019 Certification Exams Available

Microsoft Office Specialist LogoCertiport recently released the new Microsoft Office 2019 exams, and we are excited to announce they are now available options for certification on campus, except for Outlook and Access Expert. Outlook and Access Expert exams will be released later this spring and will complete the Office 2019 exam offerings. As of January 13, 2020, we will no longer be offering the Microsoft Office 2016 Specialist (MOS) Certification tests.

Laurene Klassen at the Certiport CERTIFIED Conference.

How are the exams developed?

Last summer, I had the opportunity to participate in user testing for the 2019 Word Core exam. Pearson, Certiport’s parent company, put together a panel of approximately 12 subject matter experts (SME’s) to review and validate test questions.  After about 100 test questions were analyzed and verified, the SME’s worked with a psychometrician to determine cut scores. As I worked alongside my peers, I observed a vigorous process to put this type of certification exam together. I can assure you, each test question and scenario are thoroughly reviewed, discussed, and rated.

What’s new in the exams?

The MOS 2019 Certification exams include new features, including new functions in Excel, 3D models, Morph Animations, Slide Zoom features, and Ink. While both Office365 and Office 2019 are mapped to one set of objectives. The full installation of Office 2019 is required for the GMetrix practice exams we provide.

Are certification levels still the same for Office 2019?

There are three certification levels for the Office 2019 track. Successful completion of an individual core exam provides the Office Specialist credential. If a student earns any three of the four certifications available (Excel core, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word core), they will achieve the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate credential. Once completing the Associate, they can earn the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert by passing 2 of 3 expert exams – Access Expert, Word Expert, or Excel Expert. This is now the highest certification available for Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Specialist Associate and Expert Comparison Chart

Certification exams are available to all faculty, staff, and students. For more information in completing a Microsoft Office industry-standard certification exam, visit to get started.

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