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Microsoft Office Certifications Now a Permanent Service

Microsoft Office Specialist LogoWe are delighted to announce that the Microsoft Office certification program, which initially started in 2017, has moved out of pilot phase and is now added to our list of permanent services offered by OIT. This program, administered by IT Training & Communications, is intended to serve as a student outreach and professional development opportunity for faculty and staff to engage in industry-standard certifications. Since it’s inception, 945 certifications were issued in the Microsoft Office Suite.

This semester, 15 class sections have requested to integrate Office certifications as part of their course requirements, and we anticipate over 500 additional certifications issued by the end of 2019. Once a certification is awarded, students have the opportunity to showcase their achievement on LinkedIn through Microsoft’s digital badging. They are also provided a digital transcript that can be sent to future employers to further validate their technical skills.

This program is free and open to the SMU community. New this semester, students now have the opportunity to satisfy their Information Literacy requirement as part of the University Curriculum by completing one of the Microsoft Office Certification exams. For more information on how to obtain the Information Literacy proficiency by completing a Microsoft Certification, please contact Laurene Klassen at or 8-1316.

Information on how to obtain certification practice exams and guidelines may be found at

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Laurene Klassen

Laurene is the Director of SMU’s IT Training & Communications Team. She enjoys reading, writing, and outdoor activities with her family in her spare time.