A Reminder About Ordering New Computers

shopping cartAs we begin a new fiscal year, another large batch of faculty and staff computers are now eligible for replacement under the University Technology Fund. All orders should be submitted using the computer technology order portal available at smu.edu/techsales. A few reminders:

  • If you are ordering a non-standard computer, please make sure you have approval for the additional budgetary charges prior to ordering.
  • If you order from our product catalog, computers can be installed within 1 week.
  • If you order a custom machine, turn around time is typically between 4-6 weeks.
  • There is a purchasing freeze during the last few weeks of May and early June.  Orders will not be processed during that time.

SMU Purchasing has also negotiated new pricing from our vendors for the standard computers.  This will result in several changes:

  • The new PC laptop and MacBook Pro standard will include a 512GB SSD and no touchbar.
  • The new PC standard will be a Dell computer.
  • The cost covered by the Technology Fund for all computers will be adjusted based on the revised price of the standard machines.

We typically see a rapid influx of orders over the summer months.  We will do everything we can to process them quickly.  For custom orders, please submit them as early as possible as we are unable to control shipping delays from vendors!

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Published by

Rachel Mulry

Director of Customer Service- Office of Information Technology