Explore with LinkedIn Learning this Summer

For students, summer is a time for exploration. Whether you find yourself exploring a foreign country, working at an internship, or taking new classes back on campus, LinkedIn Learning is ready to help you make the most of your experience.

LinkedIn Learning is a free, personalized learning platform provided by the Office of Information Technology here at SMU. Students can use the platform to develop new or underdeveloped skills, and then share their accomplishments with their peers on their associated LinkedIn accounts. The platform contains thousands of course videos on a variety of topics taught by experts of all kinds. Here are a few of our favorites:

Introduction to Web Design and Development

Summer is the perfect time to work on your personal brand, and a great place to start is to design a website for yourself. This course offers everything from tutorials on different coding methods to graphic design elements. If designing your website from scratch sounds like a little more than you can chew, you might want to start with a tutorial on using a website design platform, like Wix.

Stay secure when traveling from Security Tips Weekly by Scott Simpson

Stay Secure When Traveling

Whether your summer travels are to the other side of the world, or just to the other side of town, security is of the utmost importance. This video from the course, Security Tips Weekly, offers great advice on how to stay safe when you’re away from home.

Leading Without Formal Authority 

The break before the fall semester may be filled with planning for your organization’s or your personal year ahead. Nationally acclaimed keynote speakers Lisa Earle McCloud and Elizabeth McCloud have an insightful course on the power of leading without any formal leadership position. The course is valuable for anyone who is looking for leadership development inspiration or tips on personal improvement.

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