Simplify Signatures with DocuSign

Getting documents signed can be a real hassle. Printing, running the document far and wide for the right people, making sure the Ts and crossed and Is are dotted, and the risk of losing it entirely. Thankfully, we have a solution that allows you to create signable documents and manage signatures all in one place!

DocuSign is an easy-to-use cloud service that takes the guesswork out of putting together documents, assigning signatories, and getting the document to those who need it. On top of that, it is also a secure platform that ensures the accuracy and authenticity of your important documents. Getting started is as easy as logging in, uploading a document, and clicking-and-dragging signature elements to show where the signature goes!

Another great advantage of DocuSign is that it’s available for faculty, staff, and even students to use right now. Visit, click Login, then enter your SMU e-mail address to be directed to the Single Sign-On page. Creating a document “envelope” for signing is straightforward. Upload your document(s), select where you would like people to sign, then send it off! You’ll be updated when people sign the doc and when all signatures are complete.

If you’re ready to get started simplifying your signature processes, head over to and check out the additional documentation, helpful videos, and click the Login button to get going!

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Zach Peterson

Zach is a Senior IT Training & Communications Consultant with OIT. Zach began his SMU career at the IT Help Desk in 2012 and joined the Training & Communications Team in 2015. He is a 2011 graduate from the University of North Texas and obtained a Master of Liberal Studies degree from SMU in 2018. He enjoys reading and collecting vintage and antique radio sets. He grew up in Valley View, Texas near Denton.