Canvas Corner: April 2018 Edition

Canvas CornerEvery month in Canvas Corner, we discuss the new features and enhancements available in Canvas.
This month, we cover updates to the DocViewer in Canvas, and number of updates in the Canvas Mobile apps.

Canvas Courses Updates

DocViewer allows Non-Author Annotation Comments

Users can comment on annotations if they are not the author of the annotation. This change allows any user to comment on annotations made by another user if a comment does not already exist.

Annotation Comment Icons in DocViewer

Individual comments include an icon that displays the type and color of the annotation. This change helps associate each comment with its annotation. The annotation icon displays next to the commenter’s name and only displays in the primary comment for an annotation. Replies to a comment do not include the icon.

picture that shows the new strikethrough feature in canvas speedgrader

Free Draw Stroke Widths Now Available

The Free Draw annotation supports varied stroke widths. This change allows users to choose one of three different widths for line annotations. Each ink annotation can only have one width. Individual annotations must be saved before creating a new line with a different width.

picture that shows the new stroke width annotation feature in canvas speedgrader

Individual Recording Deletion for Conferences

Conference recordings can be individually deleted. Previously, only the entire conference could be deleted, which would also remove all conference recordings. This change helps instructors who manage long-running conferences and create multiple recordings.

Additionally, concluded conferences display the date and time the conference was concluded.

picture that shows the new ability to delete individual recordings feature in canvas

Canvas Mobile (Android)

Concluded Courses

Concluded courses can be viewed in the app and display in a student’s All Courses list. Concluded courses can also be added to the Dashboard.

Course Invitations

picture that shows new canvas dashboard in android student appThe Dashboard supports course invitations. Course invitations can be accepted or declined.

External Tool Access

External tools can be opened outside of the Student app by tapping the Open in Browser icon. Students can choose to open external tools in a mobile browser or, if applicable, another mobile application.

Canvas Mobile (iOS)

Concluded Courses

Concluded courses can be viewed in the app and display in a student’s All Courses list. Concluded courses can also be added to the Dashboard.

Login Page Redesign

picture that shows new login page to student canvas appThe login page has been redesigned for consistency with the Student app login page for Android. The Find My School button has been added to the login page for students to search for institutions.

Section-Specific Announcements

picture that shows how to chose section specific announcements in canvas app
Announcements supports section-specific announcements. Instructors can select to send the announcement to all sections, one section, or multiple sections in a course.

External Tool Access

picture that shows the ability to open external tools in the student appExternal tools can be opened in Safari by tapping the Launch External Tool button.


User Files

picture that shows the new user menu in the files are of canvas appThe User Menu supports User Files for instructors. In User Files, instructors can view their existing files and folders, create a new folder, and upload new files.


Context Card Links

SpeedGrader supports opening a student’s context card by tapping the student’s profile icon when grading an assignment.

Third-Party Media Uploads

picture that shows how the RCE now supports media uploads from 3rd-party appsThe Rich Content Editor supports media attachments from third-party apps. Media can be attached from a third party app by tapping the Image icon in the Rich Content Editor then using the Upload File option.
The Rich Content Editor is supported in Announcements and Discussions.


Grades Page Gets Redesign

The Grades page includes labels for late, missing, submitted, and unsubmitted assignments.

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