Windows 10 Deployed to Classrooms This Summer

Windows 10Windows 10 is already the standard OS for faculty and staff computer deployments.  However, we have maintained Windows 7 as the standard throughout all labs and classrooms this past year to provide a consistent experience for faculty and students in these spaces.  We are no longer able to purchase computer hardware that will run Windows 7.  As a result, all managed computer labs and classroom instructor stations will be upgraded to the latest OS this summer.

The Academic Service Directors are working with faculty in each of the schools to identify any concerns or compatibility issues with this OS.  We will complete the upgrades prior to the start of the Fall term.

Faculty and staff may upgrade their office machines to this OS via the  Ivanti/LANDesk Workspace. If you have any questions about using Ivanti/LANDesk, please contact the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP or

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Published by

Rachel Mulry

Associate CIO for Planning and Customer Service Office of Information Technology