Computer reboot required following LANDesk client update

During the month of December, LANDesk clients for all SMU computers were updated to allow for more consistent and automated reboots with a focus on enhancing security. As people returned to work in January, they have found many updates awaiting them requiring sometimes multiple reboots. This is to be expected.

After the LANDesk client updates, any pending reboots required by a security update, patch or recent software installation are detected. An alert will be triggered to the user with both pop-up reboot notification messages, as well as the LANDesk reboot icon in the lower taskbar. Because LANDesk is assisting with patches and updates from multiple vendors as they are released, you may notice more frequent alerts as patches are released.

Please Note: In some cases, more than one reboot may be required to dismiss the user prompts. This number could vary across clients, depending upon the installed software, the installed operating system, etc.

If you’d prefer to not reboot your system during business hours, simply select the option to delay the reboot until you leave for the day. We then recommend logging off of your computer and ensuring that it is still powered up when you leave campus at the end of the day.

By design, forced reboots will be processed only when a system does not have a user session (logged in user). Logging off of your computer will allow any pending reboots to occur during maintenance hours overnight, and mitigate the necessity to reboot during the day.

If you continue to have trouble, please reach out to the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP and they can assist with further troubleshooting.

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Lauren Nelson