MOS Cert Pilot Program Gets First Certified Master

MOS MasterThe Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification pilot program has been a great success, and a Lyle student has just reached the ultimate milestone by achieving Microsoft Office Master status!

The MOS Master certification is the highest level of Office certification available. It requires passing scores in the Microsoft Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, and Outlook or Access exams. Microsoft calls it their “Ph.D. in Office.”

Lyle School of Engineering graduate student Roger Stanton is a busy guy. In addition to serving our country as a naval commander specializing in aircraft operations, he also works as an executive fellow at AT&T. In both his Navy and civilian work, he uses Microsoft Office extensively and wanted to improve his skills not only for his own benefit but for his colleagues as well.

“I wanted to learn more about the capabilities of each program so I could improve my productivity, share techniques with my colleagues, and establish credibility with my peers.” Stanton said after obtaining his MOS Master certification. “Most users have no formal training in Microsoft Office which limits their productivity and often leads to frustration and misapplication. A business or military leader should understand the tools available and how to apply them in the most productive manner possible.”

Roger was already proficient with most Microsoft Office programs, but during his preparation for the exams he discovered new possibilities in Microsoft Access: Office’s database program.

“If you find yourself doing a lot of non-computational cross-referencing in Excel, think about investing some time in learning Access.  I have spent countless hours pouring through spreadsheets that should have been databases.”

All of us at OIT would like to congratulate Roger on his milestone, and we also encourage other students, faculty, and staff to challenge themselves by obtaining a Microsoft Office Master certification!

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Zach Peterson

Zach is a Senior IT Training & Communications Consultant with OIT. Zach began his SMU career at the IT Help Desk in 2012 and joined the Training & Communications Team in 2015. He is a 2011 graduate from the University of North Texas and obtained a Master of Liberal Studies degree from SMU in 2018. He enjoys reading and collecting vintage and antique radio sets. He grew up in Valley View, Texas near Denton.