Introducing the New Campus Technology Idea Form

Bright Tech Ideas

Have you ever had a technology idea which could improve experiences at SMU?

Are there software solutions which would offer clear advantages and opportunities across multiple schools or business units?  Do you ever recognize opportunities to advance SMU’s capabilities with innovative hardware or cloud systems?  If you have ideas which require new technologies or new technology capabilities, please keep reading!

The Office of Information Technology, in partnership with the Academic Technology Council, is pleased to announce a new web tool for submitting institutional technology ideas and requests to be considered for implementation and for funding by the university.  Too often good ideas just don’t have an audience with those who can help move them forward.

Submit an Idea

The Academic Technology Council provides the framework to ensure that good ideas for the use of technology are captured, prioritized, and advanced that helps SMU achieve its strategic goals and objectives.  The purpose of this new tool is to ensure that representatives of the SMU community optimize the value of technology by prioritizing technology solutions and ideas most needed by university communities of faculty, staff, and students.

SMU welcomes your requests for new technology ideas, solutions, services, and projects!  Whether your requests would solve current problems on campus or would add greater capabilities to groups of researchers, please utilize this new mechanism as a way to bring your idea forward.  Submissions will be reviewed regularly by the Academic Technology Council, and you will be contacted if more information is required and we will keep you up-to-date as to the consideration of your idea.

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Published by

Jason Warner

Associate CIO, Academic Technology Services