Google Introduces New Pixel Devices

Google LogoNot to be left behind after Apple’s recent reveals, Google has shown off their new device offerings ranging from fresh phones to high-end laptops. Will they be able to step on Apple’s turf? Take a look and be the judge!

Pixel 2

The first Pixel phone was a bit of a sleeper hit with Android fans, and the new iteration packs even more features, including water resistance and always-on song detection. What really stole the show after the reveal though was the camera. The DxOMark benchmark test results broke all previous mobile device camera quality records, even the already stellar score of the iPhones 8 and X.

Google Home

Google Pixel 2 and Home MiniGoogle is going all-in on AI assistants. Their Google Home line of devices has now been expanded to include a mini version to compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot and a larger version to go up against Apple’s upcoming HomePod. The actual assistant is getting smarter too, now interfacing with even more devices and applications.


The last high-end Chromebook Google released was the Chromebook Pixel in 2013. Other manufacturers have tried to fill in the gap, but a new top-of-the-line laptop has been introduced in the Pixelbook. Running Google’s ChromeOS, it has a premium fit and finish to coincide with it’s whopping $1,000 price tag. If you have a Pixel 2 phone, the Pixelbook can automatically tether to it for data access. You can also add a $99 Pixelbook Pen to use with the touchscreen similar to the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro.

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