Keeping up to date with Cloud Services Outages

Cloud Service Status?As the University moves to more cloud-based applications to provide daily services, users will sometimes be impacted by service interruptions that are out of OIT’s control. This is how you can easily find out if it the sun is shining or raining on your cloud.

Checking Cloud Status

cloud services status

Many of these cloud services host pages to see the current status of their operations. If you are experiencing issues with Canvas, Box, or even Outlook 365, it is a good idea to check these pages first. If you notice an “All Systems Operational” message on the service status page, please give the IT Help Desk a call at 214-768-HELP so we can help diagnose the issue. We have found some of our users have recognized an issue before even the company has seen an impact on their service.

Below are the status pages for several of our hosted, web-based tools:

 Office 365

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Several products rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting. As many internet users found out earlier this year when a 4-hour outage at Amazon’s AWS cloud computing division caused outages and interruptions for hundreds of thousands of websites across the United States. Sites such as Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest, and Buzzfeed were all impacted and left many users wondering what is going on. Even Amazon was impacted and could not even update its status page for hours as it was hosted using their own product. The current status of Amazon Web Services can be found on its Service Health Dashboard at

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