Using Kaltura’s Media Analytics to Measure Video Effectiveness

This pilot has ended and Kaltura is no longer available to the SMU campus. Panopto is now the preferred video platform. More information is available at

KalturaUsing video media in education is nothing new, but wouldn’t it be great to measure the effectiveness of video materials in reaching individual students in individual courses? Now, using Kaltura Media Analytics, all instructors can view powerful video statistics and analytics with ease.

Getting Started

  1. Kaltura > Actions > AnalyticsGo to and log in using your SMU ID and password
  2. Navigate to the Canvas course with the video media
  3. Select My Media
  4. Click the title of the video file
  5. Once the video is shown, go to “Actions” and select “Analytics

Media Analytics

Kaltura Media AnalyticsAt the “Analytics for media” screen, the following general metrics are available:

  • Number of visits
  • Number of plays
  • View drop off percentage
  • Average view time

The “Top Engaged Users” list is shown to the right of the video. To access an individual user’s statistics, click the blue “Users” link under “Analytics for media

Using the Analytics

Course instructors can determine the effectiveness of the video by the viewing statistics. To further evaluate the student’s understanding of the subject matter in the video, course instructors can also utilize Kaltura’s video quiz function to pinpoint the specific area.

For questions or assistance with Kaltura, please contact your local Academic Technology Service Director or contact the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP or

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Published by

James Pan

James Pan is the Academic Technology Service Director for Dedman School of Law and Perkins School of Theology.