my.SMU: Where are the SMU ID photos?

Where is the SMU ID Photos?SMU ID photos are available for viewing based on an employee’s business need. Not all offices are able to view photos in my.SMU. If you previously used the SMU Photo page that was housed under the SMU Custom Programs you’ll want to make note of the new navigation as the previous page is no longer active. Below is how to find them in the new my.SMU.

  1. Click the NavBar button.
  2. Click Navigator.
  3. Click Campus Community.
  4. Click Personal Information.
  5. Click Identification.
  6. Click Photo.
  7. Click Search.

Should you need access to this page, have your supervisor open a Help Desk ticket and fill out the appropriate my.SMU Account Request form.

Note: A complete list of step-by-step instructions for my.smu can be found at:


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