Desktop Replacement Project to deploy over 700 new computers

Computer RefreshIt’s almost summertime and that means we begin the mass deployment of upgraded computers across campus.  We anticipate replacing anywhere between 700-1,000 computers in the span of approximately 10 weeks.   We made quite a number of changes to improve the desktop replacement process from last year.

Improving the Desktop Replacement Process

  1. Scheduling: Last year, the scheduling component was a challenge. This year, we are utilizing a new third party application to allow customers to self-schedule the upgrade.  Automated reminders are generated 24 hours prior to the installation.  By allowing the customer to select the date and time, we hope to have better luck gaining entry to offices during the scheduled appointment!
  2. Premier LogitechStaffing: Our third-party consultants from Premier Logitech will be managing a large portion of the installations this summer. Consultants will wear identification badges so they can be easily identified.  We will have one of the consultants dedicated to overseeing the logistics of the installations and follow-up on any issues.  They will also be working primarily out of our space in Dawson.  This will allow the staff in Fondren Library to focus on the installation of the custom orders more quickly—thus avoiding the delays we experienced last year.
  3. Process: We have made a few changes to the process to help streamline the installation of applications and transfer of data. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time you are without a computer as well as ensure SMU-licensed programs and all of your data and settings are in place on the new computer immediately.

Desktop Replacement Eligibility

One of the frequently asked questions is about computer eligibility.  We have created a website that allows you to search for a computer and view the eligibility date.  That form can be found at  Remember, the eligibility is calculated based on the data that we have in our inventory records.

If you have questions or believe a specific computer should be eligible, please contact Rachel Mulry at or 214-768-1164.  For information on eligibility requirements, visit and click on Tech Purchases.

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Published by

Rachel Mulry

Director of Customer Service- Office of Information Technology