Important information about Windows 10

We are receiving several reports of machines crashing after applying updates in Windows 10.  In most of these cases, the computer has to be fully reloaded.  While we are looking for the specific update causing the issue, SMU employees, please take a moment to ensure you have a current backup of all your data.

Verifying you have backed up with CrashPlan Pro

  1. Verify that you have CrashPlan installed.
  2. Search CrashPlan in the Search Window.Search Window Dialog box
  3. Select CrashPlan and log in.
  4. Go to History and verify that the backup has completed recently.Crashplan History log
  5. Important! Please do not reboot your computer right now. We will let you know once we have resolved the issues.

For more information on CrashPlan, visit

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Laurene Klassen

Laurene Klassen grew up in New England but came to Texas as fast as she could. SMU was one of the first spots she visited in Dallas. Laurene is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Senior Manager of SMU’s IT Training & Communications Team. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and outdoor activities with her family.