SMU Phone Replacement Project: Upgrading campus infrastructure and telephones

OIT has launched a project to replace the current campus telephone system in service for the last 25 years.

The current phone system has served the SMU Dallas and SMU Plano campus locations since the early 90’s, but it does not support SMU-in-Taos. Although the system is historically reliable and stable, it has become costly due to the steady rise in annual support and maintenance expenses. The need to lower overall operational costs is one of many factors driving system replacement.

PBX Phone and CIS Access Newsletter
The original PBX phone and CIS Access newsletter from the 90’s announcing the coming of the new phone system.

Strategic Initiatives at SMU

The Phone Replacement Project supports the following SMU strategic initiatives:

  • Improve and modernize aging campus infrastructure
  • Consolidate operational and cost responsibilities for telephone service operations under OIT
  • Promote responsible stewardship of resources by investing in sustainable new technology
  • Enhance the academic stature of the University by providing improved resources to faculty, staff, and students

Completion of the Phone Replacement Project is scheduled for Summer 2020. The SMU Dallas, SMU Plano, and SMU-in-Taos campus locations are included within the scope of this project. Current project activities include vendor selection and cabling assessment in offices, classrooms, labs, and student housing facilities.

For more information, please visit our Phone Replacement Project page.

last Updated 2019-01-14 with updated scheduled completion date.


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