What’s New in Exchange 2016 Webmail

As faculty and staff mailboxes are upgraded to Exchange 2016, you will notice that your webmail client will look drastically different. While the old Outlook Web Access from Exchange 2010 didn’t always work well on different web browsers, the new webmail interface plays nicely with all browsers and has lots of improved features to make managing your e-mail less of a headache.

Read on to find out more about your new webmail!

Whoa, this is different. How do I get to everything?

Diagram of Menu Button and Search Bar locations.The new webmail interface looks very similar to Outlook.com, Microsoft’s personal e-mail service. Search is conveniently located at the top left-hand corner of the screen. Above the search is the Menu button, which is
where you can switch from your e-mail to your calendar, contacts, or task lists.

Exchange 2016 Webmail
Exchange 2016 Webmail’s New Menu

My Inbox is Sorted Strangely. What Gives?

Location of View ButtonBy default, Webmail in Exchange 2016 displays messages in what’s called “conversation mode,” where reply chains are grouped together with their original message as an entire conversation. If you prefer the customary way of viewing your messages, click on the All button to the right of Inbox.Click on Messages


Next, at the bottom of the menu that appears, click on Messages. This will sort your messages as they were before.

I had a really cool theme on the old webmail. Can I still do that?

Yes! Plus, there are several new themes to choose from to make your mailbox your own. Just click on the Settings button in the top right-hand corner and select Change theme.

Calendar Changes

Your calendar in Webmail will behave more like the desktop version of Outlook, providing you more features and better visibility. Also, when you click on an appointment to view it, the appointment opens within the same screen instead of a new tab. No more going back and forth! It’s also much easier to access shared calendars.

What if I still need some help?

That’s why we are here. Please feel free to call the IT Help Desk at 214-768-4357 or send us an e-mail at help@smu.edu. You can also stop by and say hello at the IT Help Desk in Fondren Library West near Starbucks.

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