Phone Replacement Project to Replace Old PBX Phones

Unified MessagingWith the recent completion of the Unified Messaging/Voice Mail Replacement project, OIT is now launching a long-term project to implement an updated phone system. The objective of the Phone Replacement Project is to replace the current campus telephone system (PBX), which has been in service for over 20 years. 

More than new phones

The Phone Replacement Project will go beyond just simply replacing desktop handsets. This project will unify communications and provide additional features, functionality, and flexibility for both campus and remote users. The initial stages of the project will include an RFP for vendor evaluation and selection, plus a survey of select campus stakeholders in order to better determine telephone usage trends for admins and other “power users” across campus.

Watch this blog for additional information about the Phone Replacement Project in the coming months.

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Sander Hickerson

Sander is the assistant director of Windows Infrastructure at SMU. He began working at SMU in 2007 as a Windows administrator. In addition to managing Windows Server operating systems and applications, his team helps support virtualization, voice and messaging infrastructure, and cloud applications including Microsoft 365, Azure, and Box.