Looking Back at the Security Showdown & Security Awareness Month

2016 Security ShowdownAs we wrap up National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), we like to reflect on the impact of technology and how it plays such an integral role in our daily lives—everything from paying bills to controlling our TV lineup is managed online. The wealth of information stored online about each one of us is staggering. We highlighted some of these in our weekly emails. We discussed how to spot phishing emails; We looked at how more applications are run from the internet, rather than installed locally and a few key tips for internet safety with those devices; When using social networking, how to define your own security or privacy settings to protect your information by reviewing your security setting periodically. We also released our fall Security Report.

I work with SuperheroesIn addition, we hosted our first Security Showdown this month. The theme was “I Work with Superheroes” and we recognized several cybersecurity superheroes in departments across campus, plus had some fun thinking like cyber villains to help us defend against them.

We would like to thank everyone that attended. We would also like to congratulate all our winners.

Cyber Security Awareness Raffle
Meadows Tickets Vickie Bumgardner, Brian Argenbright
AMC Gift Card Aren Cambre
Football Tickets Melissa Stanford, Jorge Cruz
Security Quiz
AMC Gift Card Tommy Doan
Virus 8 Punchcard
Football Tickets Ruthann Swanson, Deborah Clayton, Bindu Vorghese
Meadows Tickets Lane Duncan
Tate Lecture Tickets Hannah Cogsil
Vacation Day Salomeh Sheridan
Dining Card Michele Hill
Photo Contest
AMC Gift Card Adria Richmond
Phishing Contest
SMU Dining Card Yaw Bonsu
Cyber Security Super Heroes
Vacation Day Tommy Doan
Nominees Lane Duncan, Windy Epperson, Stephen Forrest, Sander Hickerson, Lorinda Lamb, Aaron Parris, Josh Ruiz, Marjorie Rush, Austin Westervelt
Top Spam Defenders
Vacation Day Brian Argenbright
Nominees Alan Brown, Robert Calkins, Aren Cambre, Mattie Casey, Karen Click, Lara Corazalla, LaGail Davis, Chuck Donaldson, Duane Harbin, Erich Heise, Delores Henry, Mary Jane Johnson, Andy Maupin, Renee McDonald, Toni Nolan, Jean Porter, Sam Ratcliffe, Chris Snyder, Martha Stark, Janet Stephens, Glenn Voss, Breanna Webb, Susan White, Paley Wu
Security Showdown Grand Prize Winner
Vacation Day,
Tate Lecture Tickets,
and AMC Gift Card
 Renee Bowen

Again, thank you to everyone that attended the Security Showdown. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s security awareness event.

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Ian Aberle

Ian Aberle is an Adobe Creative Educator and the Senior IT Communications Specialist & Trainer for the Office of Information Technology (OIT). For over 25 years, he has helped the SMU community use technology and implement digital and web media through multiple roles with the Digital Commons, SMU STAR Program, and now OIT. Ian enjoys photography and road trips with his family in his free time.