Important Information about ExamSoft and Mac OS Sierra

ExamsoftThe recent update for Apple computers called macOS Sierra is incompatible with the ExamSoft’s SofTest.  Currently, ExamSoft has not provided a release date for a patch to their testing client. If you use SofTest for your courses, please do not to upgrade to Sierra on any Apple computer you intend to use with ExamSoft.

Users React to ExamSoft’s Compatibility Issues.

If Twitter is any indication, users are quite unhappy about the lack of compatibility from ExamSoft.

Even with macOS Sierra being released for weeks, after being in Beta for months, ExamSoft has yet to release an update for Sierra and users are taking notice.

Back to El Capitan?

If you have already installed Sierra, the rollback process is not a simple “one-click” option and is very involved. Unfortunately, the IT Help Desk is not able to assist students with rolling back their computer to the previous Mac operating system.  If you have already upgraded to Sierra, there are numerous sources online outlining the process of rolling back your OS to El Capitan.

For questions, please contact the Help Desk at 214-768-HELP (4357) or

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