PaperCut: A New Pay-for-Print Service at SMU

PaperCutDuring the summer, OIT stays busy making critical changes, updates, and adding new services in preparation for the new academic year.  One of the changes this summer was the implementation of a new pay-for-print solution.  PaperCut is the new printing solution offering a number of new features for our campus community.

No More Print Driver Installs

Yes, it is now possible to send your files to the printer without installing drivers for each printer across campus.  Instead, you have the ability to email your files or upload them through a web browser.  Now you can quickly and easily print from your mobile devices across campus.

Print from Anywhere

Now you can send your files to the printers and retrieve them from any of the public locations across campus.  You do not have to be on the SMU network (meaning you can send the file from your apartment and retrieve it the next day). Pay for Print stations are set up in all of the libraries and various computer labs.  Simply swipe your ID card to release your document.  Just be sure to release your document within 24 hours or it will be purged.

Lower Price Prints

In most of the public areas, we’ve replaced the smaller printers with Canon devices.  This allows us to better manage the printer fleet while offering copy, scan, and print services in more locations.  As a result, the printing costs for students have been reduced by 50%!  Black and white copies are now only $.05 per page.  Faculty and staff can also utilize these print/copy services in the libraries at no charge.

We’ve also eliminated the need for copy cards as the devices will all work with the SMU ID card or a manual login.  If you have an existing copy card, you can still use that card through May 2017.

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Rachel Mulry

Associate CIO for Planning and Customer Service Office of Information Technology