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Many University employees are unaware of the vast resources available at their fingertips. As we have entered the back to school season we’ve put together this list of resources and reminders for you. As always, if you have any questions about any of them feel free to reach out to the IT Help Desk.

Academic Technology Service Directors

Each of the schools has an Academic Technology Service Director that serves as a strategic liaison for faculty and staff.  They are able to assist with strategic projects, Canvas, instructional design, and other academic tools. For more information on the Academic Team, visit new smu.edu/OIT/AcademicTech.


Apps.SMU provides access to a variety of different applications, including SAS and SPSS within a virtualized environment.  By launching apps through Citrix Receiver, you can easily access files saved on your local hard drive or from your network “U” drive.
Citrix Receiver is easy to install as a free download, and it allows you to access applications and data easily and securely from your Mac or PC.  Information about installing Citrix Receiver can be found on the Apps.SMU Documentation and Training tab.


BoxBox is a cloud-based storage and collaboration service. Files can be securely stored and easily accessed within Box. Box is also integrated within SMU’s Learning Management System, Canvas. Visit box.smu.edu to learn more.

Campus Operators

Don’t know who to call or need directory assistance? Contact the Campus Operators by pressing “0” on any campus phone or dialing 214-768-2000 on your mobile phone. If you are hosting an event on campus that may include off-campus visitors consider letting the operators know in advance as they often receive calls for event information and directions.


Canvas LMS LogoCanvas is a web-based Learning Management System. Instructors may use Canvas to store and share course documents; grade assignments; administer exams; conduct class surveys; present online resources; host discussion boards; and keep a current grade book that students can check throughout the semester. Courses are automatically created in Canvas each semester based on course registration information in my.SMU, and enrollment data is synchronized frequently throughout the day. Visit the IT Training site for Canvas instruction or contact the Help Desk to meet with your Academic Technology Director.

Classroom Support Emergency Line (214-768-8888)

Classroom Support Emergency Line number (8-8888) should be used for any classroom technology emergency.  The call will be answered and the issue resolved remotely or a technician dispatched quickly. Faculty may request training or assistance in using the equipment at any time by contacting the Help Desk.

Customer Support

OIT Customer Service offers support for all University computers, services, and applications on Mac, Linux, and PC platforms. Equipment repairs, installations, and disposal are also managed through OIT.

Database Development And Support

Development, troubleshooting, and support for Microsoft Access databases and FileMaker databases are available by request via a Help Desk Ticket.

Digital and Online Media Support

OIT offers technology assistance to faculty via the STARS program and Tech Effect. These students work on short-term instructional technology projects such as: developing course-related web pages; creating graphics, charts, maps, or animations; digitizing slides and images; creating presentations; helping faculty use social media; updating faculty web pages; and, recording and editing course-related videos.  Contact the Help Desk for more information.


ExamSoft is SMU’s cloud exam solution for administering online exams while restricting access on devices to the Internet or other networked resources. A custom building block has been configured in Canvas, SMU’s course management system, to synchronize the roster in a Canvas course with ExamSoft. smu.edu /OIT/Services/ExamSoft

IT Help Desk

IT Help Desk should be the primary contact point for most of your IT questions.  Any emergency requests should be reported by phone (214-768-HELP) in order to receive the quickest response. For non-emergency requests, please feel free to email help@smu.edu.  The Help Desk will resolve the issue as quickly as possible or route the ticket to the appropriate contact within OIT.

Mailing Lists (list.smu.edu)

The Mailing List Software provides a wealth of functionality for managing and configuring various mailing list types. OIT configures the initial list upon request.

  • Mailing lists may be requested by any faculty or staff
  • List members can be both SMU and non-SMU addresses
  • SMU Email addresses in list.smu.edu should be subscribed using the @mail.smu.edu format

my.SMU (my.smu.edu)

my.SMU hosts employee and student data for the University.  University employees are granted access to Employee Self Service and Faculty Center. Employee Self-Service grants access to view personal information, paychecks and benefit and tax.


OneDriveOneDrive for Business is a Microsoft online service that provides resources for file storage, collaboration, and communication. Students and Employees receive 1 TB of space.  Files that you store are private initially, but permissions can be changed to share files both at SMU and externally.


If there is an issue with the printer hardware or toner, email imagenet@smu.edu. This will generate a ticket for the ImageNet team. If extra paper is needed, complete the request form located at smu.edu/casepaper. For any other printer support issue, please contact the Help Desk.


Qualtrics is a web-based enterprise survey tool. OIT supports Qualtrics by designing survey instruments and analyzing the data collected. smu.edu/ OIT/Services/Qualtrics

Sharepoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative web-based technology available for sharing documents, managing research projects, and other tasks within the SMU community.

Skype for Business

This secure instant messaging tool offers desktop sharing and presence to enhance departmental communication.

SMU Email (webmail.smu.edu)

SMU Email may be accessed via webmail.smu.edu or through an email reader on a computer email enabled device.

Software Licensing

OIT manages a variety of software licenses for use by faculty, staff and students. These applications include Microsoft, Adobe, SAS, Mathematica, among several others. Faculty may obtain copies of several software packages for use on their home/personal machines under our work-at-home license. This includes Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Windows, Mathematica, and more. Also, several software applications are available for installation on your SMU Managed computer. These additional software titles can be found in the LANDesk Deployment portal.  smu.edu/OIT/Services/SoftwareLicense

Statistical Consulting

Academic Technology provides assistance with statistical and research software through application support as well as assistance in research development, design, and analysis. Contact the Help Desk for more information.

Technology Purchases

Technology Purchases should be sent to techsales@smu.edu.  This generates a ticket in the Help Desk system for Abby Kinney, IT Purchasing Manager. Once the order has been placed, the ticket is then routed to OIT for installation.


OIT provides a number both online and instructor-led training. Instructor-led workshops are regularly offered throughout the year. A schedule can be found on smu.edu/ittraining.

SLynda.comMU also has a lyndaCampus license which Lynda.com has over 3,743 online courses in software, technology, creative and business skills.

Topics include: 3D + Animation, CAD, Photography, Audio, Design, Video, Business, Developer, Web, and more

Log on: smu.edu/lynda. In addition, IT provides instructor-led training on a variety of topics.

Travel and Expense (Concur)

Questions regarding Concur directed to concurexpenses@smu.edu and soon travel@smu.edu also generate a ticket in the Help Desk software.  These requests are automatically routed to the Procurement office for processing.

Other workflows include Payroll, Enrollment Services and Finance.


ZoomZoom, a cloud-based video conferencing and web conferencing service. This eLearning tool provides an easy-to-use, high-definition video/audio conferencing to faculty and students on just about any device. smu.edu/zoom

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