New AV Event Request Process

AV Request FormThe AV team is responsible for supporting classroom equipment as well as campus events.  As each event has unique requirements, a new request form has been developed to help streamline these requests.  The form allows you to select from various equipment packages depending on your venue and your needs.  Once submitted, a ticket will be generated for our AV team.

In order to ensure your event is staffed and set up as desired, please submit the request form at least 5 business days in advance.  To access the form, visit

Note: If your event is taking place in Hughes-Trigg, do not submit the request using the form above.  Instead, use the Hughes-Trigg reservation forms.

What is an event?

Any gathering outside of the scheduled classes, whether it takes place in a classroom or another venue on campus, is considered an event.  If you wish to have someone assist with classroom setup, recording etc, please submit a help desk ticket or contact the help desk for assistance.

Why do you need a 5-day notice?

Although some events require little setup, there are many others that require several hours of room configuration.  In order to ensure we have the right equipment, ample time to setup the venue, and the appropriate staffing,  we need several days notice.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with this requirement.

Are there fees for AV Event support?

For SMU events, there is not a charge for AV support.  For external events on campus, a technology fee is assessed.

What options are available?

A detailed list of setup options and equipment is available on the form page.  Visit for details.

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Rachel Mulry

Associate CIO for Planning and Customer Service Office of Information Technology