Canvas Resources for Students

This fall, SMU faculty will begin using Canvas as our new course learning management system. While some faculty have been using it within the past year, many faculty and students will soon be exposed to Canvas for the first time.

canvas help buttonCanvas is very user-friendly, and no doubt you’ll get acclimated to it rather quickly. However, with any new system you may have a question or two. Anytime you’re in Canvas you can click on the Help button and you’ll be given the following choices. This will allow you a broad range of options such as searching the Student Guides, contacting Canvas Support or asking your instructor a question.

canvas help for students

Two features we are excited about for our students is the Canvas App, which allows you to view announcements, manage your files, take quizzes and a whole lot more! We also think you’ll love the calendar integration features that you can subscribe to using Outlook or Google Calendar. With the Canvas calendar, you can see all your assignments for all your courses. You’ll even be able to create personal events such as study groups.

Don’t forget, all of the above resources are available to you along with our ongoing support of the IT Help Desk by calling 214-768-4357(HELP) or emailing


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