Important Changes to Courses.SMU


Due to an unprecedented chain of events yesterday, June 29th, SMU was unable to login to Canvas for several hours. The connection between SMU and Canvas has since been restored.

These events yesterday disrupted our expected timeline, and in order to recover and move forward, access to Blackboard via has been removed 24 hours earlier than scheduled. If you need your materials off of Blackboard, please contact your academic technology director in your college, or put in a ticket at the Helpdesk.

Direct Support Contacts:
James Pan Dedman School of Law/Perkins School of Theology 214.768.1820
Jeff Liew Cox School of Business 214.768.4770
Scott Martin Simmons School of Education 214.768.4864
Merlin Wilkerson Lyle School of Engineering 214.768.8649
Mousumi Tanha Meadows School of Arts 214.768.2548
Michael Robertson Dedman College 214.768.1148
Steve Snider Guildhall 214.768.1879

July 1st is going to be a big day for learning management systems at SMU. There will be some significant changes to Courses.SMU as we move away from Blackboard to Canvas. As advertised throughout the 2015-2016 academic year, the following changes will take effect on June 30th.


Blackboard will be moved to an archive-only mode. If you have not previously migrated or downloaded your course content and need an archive of one of your courses, please contact the Academic Technology Director for your area or submit a help ticket.

Canvas Domains Consolidation

CanvasThe Canvas domain for the Canvas pilot,, will be decommissioned on June 30th. The permanent Canvas domain will be and will serve as the single URL for all of SMU Canvas instances. Any internal links in Canvas should use this domain. If you have any bookmarks or links to, these will break after June 30th. Please update your links to use If you need help with modifying your links in Canvas, please contact the Help Desk.

The domains and will point to the SMU Canvas service page at beginning July 1. Students and faculty should use for accessing Canvas. Any updated or changes to Canvas will be posted on the service page.

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