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Microsoft Office ExcelAt the end of February, we sent out a survey to all SMU staff regarding their interest in Excel training. This survey was created as all of our Spring sessions were filled to capacity the same day registration was announced!  We also had a number of staff inquire about attending student-only sessions. However, those sessions were also heavily attended; therefore, we could not meet staff requests for attendance.

In order to accommodate both staff and student requests, we have increased our class offerings. Four additional Excel training sessions will be offered this fall for students. Eleven Excel sessions will be delivered this spring marketed primarily to SMU Staff. Visit our website to register for one of the newly added Excel sessions.

What we learned from the survey…

  • 46% of our respondents were unaware of our 24/7 access to has over 4,000 online courses in software, technology, creative and business skills. As you consider your learning goals keep this valuable tool in mind. The training team frequently provides demo sessions about this tool. To schedule a trainer to provide an overview of this tool to your department, please contact
  • Hands-On-Training is the preferred method of learning – many video courses in also have practice exercises including these Excel offerings:
  • Morning & early afternoon sessions are most requested – Keeping this in mind, we’ve scheduled the new sessions accordingly.

We were also asked to host some sessions on East Campus. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to provide hands-on-training on East Campus. However, we continue to look for ways to expand our offerings.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of both our instructor-led and online training sessions through  Thank you to all those that participated in our Excel survey!

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Laurene Klassen

Laurene is the Assistant Director of SMU’s IT Training & Communications Team. She enjoys reading, writing, and enjoying outdoor activities with her family in her spare time.