Classroom Technology Upgrades

Classroom Technology is a critical piece of the academic environment.  Over the past year, the AV team has upgraded approximately 50 classrooms primarily during the breaks in between terms.  The team is preparing to upgrade approximately 60 classrooms this summer!

Each room is slightly different and therefore has different AV needs.  However, with each design, the AV team is working on a standard configuration to help faculty transition from room to room more easily.  In addition, we are working on implementing a remote control solution that will allow the help desk to reset equipment or toggle the source buttons to resolve classroom issues. This will allow the faculty member to resume teaching quickly rather than waiting for a consultant to arrive in the classroom.

Since classrooms are used heavily all year round, scheduling the upgrades is rather challenging.  We are still working with the various schools to finalize the list of rooms and the date for each upgrade.  The following is a general list of buildings to be targeted this summer:

  • Hyer Hall: All classrooms
  • Fondren Science: All classrooms
  • Prothro: All classrooms excluding the Great Hall
  • Cox: 3 classrooms
  • Engineering: several classrooms
  • Law: several classrooms

The complete list and schedule will be posted in early May.

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Published by

Rachel Mulry

Director of Customer Service- Office of Information Technology