Box Project Enters Pilot Stage

BoxThe Box Project has begun testing with users in our pilot program. Box is our new enterprise online storage solution to replace Locker and will offer unlimited space to SMU students, faculty, and staff for storage of documents and media.

Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited Storage.
    With Box, you have access to unlimited storage! Feel free to upload as many files as you want; just be aware the maximum single file size is 5GB.
  • Mobile Integration.
    Connect to Box using your mobile device. Download and upload files using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Box Sync.
    Store select files locally and edit them offline. Files will sync when your computer is reconnected with the internet. This is a great feature for travel.
  • Document Sharing.
    Share documents with members of your team, or with external users.
  • Document Creation. 
    You can create Office documents in Box, or try Box Notes. With Office 365 integration, you can edit your documents online. You can also collaborate with your team members, editing documents simultaneously and reviewing contributions in real time. Versioning is enabled making it easy to roll back to previous versions of a document.

Box will be rolled out to the rest of campus in early 2016. We are currently developing our internal documentation, policies and procedures that should be in place at the time Box moves to production early next year.

Look for more information about this exciting new service after the winter break.

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Ian Aberle

Ian Aberle is an Adobe Creative Educator and the Senior IT Communications Specialist & Trainer for the Office of Information Technology (OIT). For over 25 years, he has helped the SMU community use technology and implement digital and web media through multiple roles with the Digital Commons, SMU STAR Program, and now OIT. Ian enjoys photography and road trips with his family in his free time.