What happened to Qualtrics?

If you’re reading this then you’re likely to have signed into Qualtrics one afternoon hoping to quickly retrieve some piece of data and was shocked to see the new look and feel.


After being a user of their previous version this overhaul certainly took me by surprise. So, what is different in Qualtrics? With the latest update to Qualtrics, you’ll see over 20 feature enhancements. Below is a quick synopsis of just a few of features.

Landing Page – One of the first changes you’ll notice is the new My Projects landing page. This page replaces the old My Surveys page. You’ll also notice the Projects, Contacts, & Libraries section has moved to the far right of the menu.

Editing Your Survey – The former Edit Survey tab has now been replaced by the Survey module. Don’t worry too much, this is mostly a cosmetic change.

Distributing your Survey – There are a number of updates to the  Distribute Survey tab which is renamed the Distributions Module. Page changes include:

  • Added a new Distribution navigation page for the first time you enter.
  • Combined Email Survey and Email History into the new Emails tab.
  • Relabeled Generated Links as Personal Links.
  • Updated social media options.

View Results tab = Responses & Results Modules – Qualtrics identifies the items below as the major changes for the Results tab. The visualization options take a little getting used to but could prove very helpful. Visualizations include word clouds, charts, gauges tables, and more. Click here for a sneak peek.

  • Removed the Advanced Options menu in Responses and shifted its functionality to other areas.
  • Relabeled Download Data as Export Data and moved it to the Tools menu in Responses (Import Data is found here as well).
  • Moved all response-related actions (viewing, exporting to PDF, etc.) to the Actions drop-down menu in Responses.
  • Moved Cross Tabulations to the Report Options menu in Results.

Library – Gone are the different libraries (surveys, block and questions). They’ve been combined into a simplified and enhanced library.

Contacts – If you’re looking for Panels, they are now relabeled to Contacts. It seems the primary goal was to ease navigation in order to switch between categories. If you used panels previously, then you’ll probably want to view this Contacts Summary.

Give yourself some time to get adjusted to the new look and feel for Qualtrics, there is certainly an abundance of change to get used to! Also, if you need a little help getting started with Qualtrics, we will be offering in-person training in the spring.

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