Classrooms Get Upgrade Over Summer

During the last few weeks of summer, several classrooms in Dallas Hall have been given a much needed upgrade.

2015-09-02_11.53.14Faculty teaching in these rooms will now notice that HDMI is an available source and the black AV box has been moved into the lectern to give you more room to stand. We’ve also re-designed the keypad interface so users can select a laptop input just by pressing a single button. (Previously it was necessary to also make a selection on the small switcher that was under the keyboard tray.) If you want to use your laptop, simply choose VGA or HDMI on the familiar keypad and plug in the appropriate cable. These rooms have also been given new projectors that provide a brighter, clearer image.

The following classrooms have received hardware upgrades:

  • Fondren Science 152, 155, 157, and 158 and every room in Hyer Hall have been given new, brighter projectors.
  • Umphrey Lee 242 has been given a proper control system and a brighter projector
  • The Rotunda Rooms in Dallas Hall will have a keypad for room control to replace the aging touch panels that many found difficult to use.

We plan on updating 34 more rooms in Dedman College during this academic year. Due to the usage of the rooms, most of this maintenance will occur over Winter Break or Spring Break. The following rooms are on the list for maintenance:

  • Dallas Hall rotunda rooms – 137,138,120
  • Clements – 120,134,225,234,325,326,334,G15,G16,G18
  • Hyer – 100,102,104,106,107,110,111,200,201,204
  • Dedman life science – 127,128,129,132
  • Fondren Science – 152,153,155,157,158, Geology Lab, Ocean Lab
  • Umphrey Lee – 303
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Ian Aberle

Ian Aberle an Adobe Creative Educator and the Senior IT Communications Specialist and Trainer for OIT. Since 1996, he has helped the SMU community use technology and implement digital and web media through managing the SMU STAR Program and now as part of OIT's Customer Service Team. In his free time, Ian enjoys photography and road trips with his family.