Updating Emergency Contacts in my.SMU

If you haven’t recently, it’s a good time to update your emergency contacts in my.SMU.

Faculty & Staff Instructions

  1. From the landing page, select Personal Information located under Employee Self – Service.employee self service
  2. Click on Emergency Contacts.
  3. Click Add Emergency Contact.
  4. Enter the Contact Name.
  5. Indicate the Relationship to Employee. If the employee has the same address or telephone select one of the following options:relationship to employeeIf you indicated that the emergency contact address or phone is the same as yours it will display on the screen and can be edited if needed.
  6. If the contact has a different address select Edit Address to provide address information.
  7. If the contact has a different phone select Add Phone Number and indicate the Phone Type and Phone Number.
  8. Click Save. To view a contact list select the Return to Emergency Contacts link.
  9. For multiple contacts check one to be the Primary Contact.primary contact
  10. Edit or Delete contacts by selecting the appropriate icons.edit or delete
  11. Click Save.

Student Instructions

Visit the Update/Verify Personal Info section of the Student Self-Service tutorial: sites.smu.edu/oit/training/story/studentselfservice/story.html.

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