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Student Entrepreneurs

Advising {AI}


Dallas Bail Bonds

Momin Irfan ’19 is building an app to automate 4-year plan creation, allowing students to have more student-advisor interaction and
see exactly what they need to do to graduate on time.
Billy LoBue ’21 is designing an app to access, organize, and manage contacts, removing the need for business cards. Greg Guggenmos ’19 program will ensure that bail and justice for all exists for even the needy citizens of Dallas.

Extending a Hand to VR



Joshua Lauer ’20 is building a glove to allow people to use their own hands in Virtual Reality, rather than unfamiliar controllers. This, in turn, will provide a more immersive experience for the players. Aryan Bhatnagar ’22 is developing a peer-tutoring platform, connecting those in need of assistance to tutors from the same high-school. Averie Bishop ’19 is creating a 9-Part Sexual Education Curriculum for YouTube. She will be providing comprehensive, medically-accurate sexual education for women of color.

Give a Pencil

Green Book

Herald Technologies

Sanaa Ghanim ’19 is creating a website where the local community can purchase and donate school supplies to students in need at
low-income DFW public schools.
Belle Campbell ’21, Wren Lee ’21, and Temi George ’21 will print college papers for – and by – persons of color. Will Schueler’s Herald Technologies, LLC offers a revolutionary customer identification service. Our services allow businesses to strengthen their customer service, increase foot traffic and analyze customer trends.

I Want the Real

Just Drive

Schueler-Logan Cigars

Dana Giles ’20 is developing an online platform dedicated to producing provocative, yet necessary content surrounding mental health and ‘taboo topics’ such as drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, and identity. Neha Husein ’19 is designing an app that awards points and incentives to drivers to stop texting. Tired of traditional cigars, Will Schueler and Mason Logan wanted to create a Texas cigar that will bring new smokers to an industry and excite those who hold Texas pride.


The Pack


Plutus21 is a fundamentals-based, thesis-driven fund targeting the picks-and-shovels of blockchain technology. Alanis Quintero ’19 and Bennett Bidwell ’19 will build an app to connect new college graduates and new city residents with others through their interests in wellness and sports. Abigail Peterson ’21 will create an app to connect students with other students on campus, such as upper-classman, those with similar interests, and clubs and organizations.

Staff Entrepreneurs

Hello Cookies!

Lisa Rawlins bakes delicious, homemade cookies right here in Dallas and delivers them right to you!

Faculty Entrepreneurs

Genesis Blockchain Academy

Simon Mak is creating Genesis Blockchain Academy to be the premiere global provider of resources to assist universities in launching Blockchain business programs.