Crypto Kids and This Generation’s Internet Boom

August 21, 2018 | DALLAS (SMU) – As the first company to be based in the new SMU Incubator, Hamiz Awan and Richard Raizes, and their team of grads and undergrads, form Plutus21, a hedge fund invested in alternative assets and on a quest to become the “most reputable fund in Dallas”. With the goal to invest $100 million in cryptocurrencies, Plutus21 is seeking $5 million to $10 million in initial capital. Cryptocurrencies, invented as the first use of blockchain technology, are a digital currency that can be sent and received directly from person to person through a decentralized system and without a middle man. This team of “crypto kids” are pitching to Dallas’ traditional money that cryptocurrency is “this generation’s internet boom,” and not just a fad.  According to Yahoo Finance, the value of just one bitcoin peaked just above $20,000 in December of 2017. Even though the price has fallen to $7,800, it did not deter the explosion of hedge funds focusing and investing in digital currencies and waiting for the next big wave.

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DFW’s Innovation Economy is Thriving, and Here’s Why

July 17, 2018 | DALLAS (SMU) – As Dallas’s thriving economy grows, there is no question that it should not be known as a hub for innovation excellence. The six-month-long DFW Regional Innovation study found the economy thriving is a result from the “diversity of its industries, a skilled and growing workforce, a collection of accelerators and co-working spaces, investment capital, robust academic institutions, and top-ranked arts and culture scenes” (United Way Dallas). By focusing on four key areas – Talent, Collisions, Resources, and Impact, the DFW Regional Innovation Study makes recommendations for key stakeholders in the DFW region to maximize the region’s existing innovation strengths and drive growth. As an institution known for its diverse, talented, and entrepreneurial-minded students, there’s no wonder that SMU’s relationship with Dallas is vital to the city’s growth and vice-versa.

“The economic opportunity that Dallas provides is a major factor in recruiting ambitious, talented students to SMU from around the world,” said SMU Provost Steven C. Currall. “The entrepreneurial spirit thrives at SMU and in Dallas. This important study with our regional partners will foster a vibrant ecosystem that leverages connections between SMU research discoveries and commercial investment.”

Learn more about the DFW Regional Innovation Study and its results here.