Entrepreneurship Never Tasted So Sweet









October 15, 2018 | DALLAS (SMU) – The team at Big iDeas would like to officially announce Lisa Rawlins as the first staff member invited to join the SMU Incubator! Rawlins works at SMU as the Lead Academic Counselor for Football, and also runs her own business, Hello Cookies!

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SMU Incubator to Provide Collaborative Networking Space for Dallas-Based Startups

June 8, 2018 | DALLAS (SMU) – Coming this summer, SMU’s commitment to innovation and the growth of new businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth region will have a place to call home in the SMU Incubator, where students, faculty and staff will plan, produce and pitch their ideas for businesses and products.

The SMU Incubator will share space in the Foundry Club in Mockingbird Station, across Central Expressway from the SMU Main Campus. Foundry Club is an international organization that serves entrepreneurs and business professionals by providing members with business space, concierge services, and innovative programming. Because Foundry Club’s population consists of entrepreneurs and support teams engaging in start-ups, business accelerators, and investment groups, the shared location will provide networking opportunities for SMU entrepreneurs.

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