Featured Panels


The Richard Stein Prize recognizes excellence in interdisciplinary scholarship on any nineteenth-century topic. The winner, in addition to receiving a cash award, is invited to organize a panel for the following year’s INCS.  

The panel for INCS 2019 is organized and moderated by Nathan K. Hensley, Georgetown University, winner of the Richard Stein Prize for 2018.

In the Wake: After Bourgeois Life

Streetside wreckage, Kashmere Gardens (Houston), two weeks after Hurricane Harvey. 9.16.2017. Photo by Nathan K. Hensley.

What does it mean to come after? Drawing on Christina Sharpe’s description of “wake-work,” these short interventions draw on studies of trauma, ecology, race, and empire to imagine what it means to dwell in the wake of a bourgeois world that was itself built on dispossession and injury. They’ll go further to ask how acts of historical memory might help us think our present world otherwise. 10-minute provocations followed by open discussion. 


Allen MacDuffie, University of Texas, Austin
Carolyn Lesjak, Simon Fraser University
Allison CurseenBoston College
Rithika Ramamurthy, Brown University
Nathan K. Hensley (moderator), Georgetown University 



In 1998, Constance M. Fulmer and Margaret Barfield gave the title A Monument to the Memory of George Eliot to their edition of Edith Simcox’s “Autobiography of a Shirtmaker.” In the same spirit testimonial and appreciation, we propose a panel — itself a memorial if not a monument — in honor of the 200th anniversary of George Eliot’s birth on November 22, 1819.  


Nancy Henry, University of Tennessee


Ruth Livesey, University of London, UK
Gail Marshall, University of Reading, UK
James Buzard, MIT

Teaching Race in the Nineteenth Century: A Roundtable

How do we talk about race in the nineteenth-century studies classroom? How can we guide students through difficult conversations about racialized, and racist, narratives like the one constructed in “The East Offering Its Riches to Britannia”? Where can we connect students’ study of the nineteenth century with their own experiences of race, racism, and intersectional identities? The goal of this roundtable is to pose practical and pedagogical questions related to “teaching race” and to develop, through collaborative discussion with attendees, a toolkit of pedagogical practices and a shared bibliography of resources, readings, and assignments.

The East Offering its Riches to Britannia, Spiridione Roma, 1778. This ceiling piece was commissioned by the East India Company for the Revenue Committee room in East India House.


Mary-Catherine Harrison, University of Detroit Mercy
Narin Hassan, Georgia Tech
Andrea Kaston Tange, Malecaster College